Jackpot City Free Loyalty Points

Casino players in Canada are well aware of Jackpot City online casino site. It is one of the oldest casino sites in the world, thus it’s also one of the most reputable gambling operators. If you have ever heard about Jackpot City, you should know about its loyalty scheme. It features various casino rewards that become more awesome with your progress. If you want to know how to get all these rewards, you should check out the info about Jackpot City free loyalty points down below.

How to Use Jackpot City Loyalty Points

Although the loyalty program of Jackpot City casino is smart, it’s pretty simple and logical for players. Just like with any other casino loyalty, the more points you have, the bigger rewards you can receive.

As soon as you have earned enough Jackpot City loyalty points, you can redeem them for bonus money. Later, you can use the bonus money to play games. But how many is enough? Well, it depends on the redemption rate on your loyalty level. The rate can be 1,000 points = $1. But remember, the higher your level is, the smaller the redemption rate.

Aside from redeeming points for money, you can get other perks from Jackpot City. It can be a bunch of free spins, cashback, specific tier bonuses, and so on. You can grow till Prive level and rewards. However, you can’t earn your access to this level, you can only get an exclusive invitation. And then, the level of your rewards will be much higher.

Ways To Earn Loyalty Points at Jackpot City

There are a few ways you can earn loyalty points at Jackpot City casino. Here are the main of them:

Play Real Money Games

As simple as 1-2-3, you need to make real money bets in order to receive points. Still, there are certain rules. Depending on the type of games you play, you can earn a bigger or smaller amount of Jackpot City loyalty points. For example, a $1 bet in slots earns you 1 point. But if you enjoy table games, you will need to wager $5 to get 1 loyalty point. Or if you play video poker, only $20 wagered can give you 1 point. So, be careful with the games you play if your goal is to earn Jackpot City loyalty points.

Get Monthly Bonus

Jackpot City gives out loyalty points to every player who keeps his status on the same level for three months. By the way, to maintain your loyalty level, you need to be active at Jackpot City casino and play almost every day. If you comply with this condition, your monthly bonus will be a good portion of loyalty points.

Claim Daily Special Offers

Jackpot City players whose level is higher than Bronze can discover another method to earn loyalty points. The casino will offer them to play featured slots, in which the points can be earned twice faster. If you aim to earn the biggest number of loyalty points, you need to stay alert to these special slots’ offers.

Receive Level Bonus

If you receive the level bonus from Jackpot City, it means that you get an additional percentage amount of points on top of your current loyalty points. The percentage can vary depending on the level. Obviously, the higher your level, the higher the percentage.

In Conclusion

If you decide to join Jackpot City casino, you will not be disappointed by the choice. At Jackpot City, you can play a lot of games and win real money. But you can also get enrolled into the loyalty program that will help you boost your budget, increase the level of fun, and let you play with more comfort.